Beginning BASSics

Beginning BASSics, the first stop for the bassist that is just picking up the bass for the first time or the first time in years. Within this site you will find bass lessons, beginning tips on how to select your first bass, selecting amplifiers, music theory, and exercises for the beginning electric bass player.

The Electric Bass

Get the BASSics on the bass including what to look for when buying a bass, how to tune it, and of course, how to play it.

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The Amplifier

Get the BASSics on amplification for your bass including what to look for when buying an amp and what the knobs do.

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Music Theory

Get the BASSics on how to read music and some important concepts.


Here are some exercises and lessons to help you develop as a bass player.


Check out this collection of bass instruction videos.


Books, tools, and links to other sites to help develop your bass playing skills.

Featured Video

Learn about A-B parts when playing.